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Updated Mon, 13-Oct-2003
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The white rose of Yorkshire - birthplace of WinBMD's author, Ian Brooke
The Yorkshire Rose

WinBMD is the Windows version of SpeedBMD, for transcribers of the FreeBMD project and it comes with its own integral Viewer to make it even easier to use. It also features automated uploading of your completed transcriptions to the FreeBMD site. WinBMD will run on systems up to and including Windows XP.

WinBMD is a separate program from SpeedBMD and should not be installed in the SpeedBMD folder, but into its own folder on your hard drive. You do not need to install SpeedBMD if you use WinBMD or vice versa. Download and Install WinBMD from the button on the left.

Some users of Norton Internet Security have experienced conflicts downloading from this site. If you experience this, please disable NIS just for the duration of your download or make the site a "Trusted Site".

When you click on the button, a very small program is downloaded to your computer (WinBMD_Install.exe). After this is downloaded, double click on this file and it will first check your computer to see which files you need and only downloads the missing/updated ones. This still results in a fair size download (because the WinBMD program and its Help files are quite big) but in future it will hopefully drastically reduce the download sizes.

During installation, ensure that the Destination Folder shown is correct - usually C:\Program Files\WinBMD\ . If it is not, then browse to the correct folder before allowing the install to proceed.

After WinBMD is installed you will find a new item on your Windows Start menu under the WinBMD group called "Update WinBMD" - you can run this as often as you want and it will check the website and tell you if there is a new version available. A similar item is added to your Startup group which will check automatically every 2 months.

If, after using WinBMD, you have any suggestions for improvements, we would appreciate your comments. Please Email us.

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